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Individuals wishing to conduct a business from a home located within the City of Rancho Mirage are required to complete a Home Occupation application prior to issuance of a Business License.

The purpose of the Home Occupation is to allow some business activity within residential areas providing it does not disturb the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Steps for starting a home-based business in Rancho Mirage.

The application process consists of an on-site inspection and review by the Code Compliance Division. (This inspection is required even though your business may consist of no more than a personal computer and telephone.) Generally it will take two weeks to complete this process.

Zoning Ordinance § N° 17.44 prohibits you from conducting business until your Home Occupation Application has been approved and a Business License payment accepted.

There is a one-time fee of $53 for the Home Occupation application, in addition to the annual Business License Tax. Once the application and payment have been accepted, it will be YOUR responsibility to contact the city Code Compliance Office and schedule your inspection. They will review the Home Occupation Operating Standards (Municipal Code § 17.44.060) with you. These standards are listed on pages 2-4 of the Home Occupation application. Please review them carefully, as the application fee is non-refundable.

Along with your Business License Tax Application, you must submit the following (if applicable):

  • $53 application fee payable to “City of Rancho Mirage”
  • Copy of Fictitious Business Name Filing
  • Letter from the landlord if renting or leasing a private home, stating that permission has been given to the applicant to conduct a business from the residence.

License requirements

Once the Business License Office has received the final approval from the Director of Community Development, you will be promptly notified. At that point you will be required to complete the Business License Tax application and submit your payment. Please note: We cannot accept your Business License payment or application until the City has approved your Home Occupation application.

Additionally, if you are seeking an exemption, you are required to complete the following supplementary application forms:

To check the status of your Home Occupation application, please contact the Business License office

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