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Helping you find your way around and providing data and resources you need for understanding and doing business in Rancho Mirage.

Area Information & Maps

Easy access to maps, locations, directions, property information and zoning.

Available Commercial Space

Search Properties for Lease or For Sale

Community Economic Profile

Rancho Mirage is in prime position for new commercial development given its central location within the Coachella Valley’s population of nearly 600,000 permanent and seasonal residents.


The demographic report of Rancho Mirage, CA includes location, statistics, quality of life, business and housing information.

RM Chamber

The purpose of the Rancho Mirage Chamber of Commerce is to provide assistance to businesses in our city. Our goal is to provide leadership and foster an environment of collaboration for our members. Together, we can continue to promote the incredible opportunities that Rancho Mirage affords both its citizens and businesses alike. Join us and help us continue to keep our community as a center of commerce in the Palm Springs area and the heart of the Coachella Valley.

For more information, please contact Rancho Mirage City Hall

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