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The CV LINK and Rancho Mirage

A walking and biking trail across the Coachella Valley is of interest to Rancho Mirage. However, the Coachella Valley Association of Governments (“CVAG”) is proposing something far more ambitious. CVAG’s, CV LINK plan, imagines a 20 to 30 foot roadway running along our bucolic Butler-Abrams Trail and part of Highway 111 in our commercial district. It uses Measure “A” funds (without approval of the electorate) to help pay for a roadway that will accommodate Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (“NEVs”). And, at this time, CVAG does not have a reasonable plan to pay for the operations and maintenance of the project at its inception and into the future. The price tag for the project is $100,000,000.

This information has been posted to help residents and other interested parties learn what Mayor Dana Hobart and the Rancho Mirage City Council are doing to lookout for their constituents. This informational page offers a 50-minute round-table discussion video chaired by Mayor Hobart concerning CV Link; Mayor Hobart’s Mayor’s Messages to date as well as pertinent documents about CV Link from CVAG.

In the April 2016 election, April 2016: Voters will read these arguments in accompaniment to the three advisory measures in connection to the CV Link and a fourth that would require future city councils from allowing small electric vehicles on several designated streets without first going to the voters.

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