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Welcome to the Rancho Mirage Cove Communities Services Commission webpage!

City of Rancho Mirage, City of Palm Desert and City of Indian Wells, in a unique arrangement, formed the Cove Communities Services Commission to provide a fiscally responsible, well-coordinated, and effective fire and police protection, and paramedic program.

The Cove Communities Services Commission is comprised of six elected city council members, two from each participating city. The quarterly meetings are hosted and clerically staffed by one of the cities for one year, with terms rotating at the end of the fiscal year. Although each Cove city now contracts individually for public safety services, the Cove Communities is still actively involved in a variety of programs and projects that affect all three cities regionally, including general law enforcement issues, fire/paramedic services, the Joslyn Center and Palm Desert recreational facilities/services.


  • Mayor Richard W. Kite City of Rancho Mirage

  • Councilmember Ted Weill, City of Rancho Mirage

  • Councilman Richard Balocco, City of Indian Wells

  • Councilman Ted Mertens, City of Indian Wells
  • Councilwoman Susan Marie Weber, City of Palm Desert

Staff Liaison

Isaiah Hagerman, City Manager

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