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The Rancho Mirage Emergency Preparedness Commission (EPC) conducts a monthly test of the City’s Disaster Response Radio Repeater.  Any community in Rancho Mirage is encouraged to purchase one or more radios and participate in the monthly radio drill. The City does not provide the radios, they must be purchased separately through a third-party vendor, who will also program the radio for the appropriate frequencies. The purpose of the drill is to exercise the use of the radio, remain familiar with how the radio and repeater work, and what radio transmissions will sound like. In the event of an actual disaster situation, such as a major earthquake, users are encouraged to turn on and listen for important information from appropriate authorities, as it becomes available.

The radio is not an emergency line. It is not meant to call for fire, police, or medical assistance, rather you will continue to use the proper channels such as calling 911. The radio is a tool for the sharing of information between the HOA’s and the City of Rancho Mirage, during an actual disaster incident.

This information sharing helps to establish valuable situational awareness of the conditions in the City, without the need to physically send personnel to perform in-person surveys.  The City can then coordinate and prioritize the deployment of resources, as they become available. Because the radio is an open channel and there is no mechanism to stop someone from transmitting, it is important for all users to use the radio judiciously and follow proper radio etiquette. Only transmit to share essential or requested information. Do not transmit to let everyone know the earthquake knocked your bird feeder to the ground – while traumatizing for the birds, not so important for a Citywide disaster response effort.

Current Roll Call Roster

Click the button below to download the latest version.  The same call roster will be used each month unless updated and posted below. Updated May 1, 2023.

Epc Radio Drill

To add or remove your community from the roster contact the City’s Emergency Services Coordinator (ESC) by emailing esc@ranchomirageca.gov

Subscribe to Monthly Reminder

The radio drill is conducted on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.

To be notified by email the day before, you can subscribe to the mailing list by clicking here and choose “EPC Radio Drill” category.

If at any time you wish to be removed from the reminder list, simply hit the unsubscribe link in the last reminder email you received.

Obtaining a Radio

Below is a list of available vendors where you can purchase a radio. When contacting the vendor, indicate you wish to purchase a radio for the City of Rancho Mirage Emergency Preparedness Radio Drill.

The City of Rancho Mirage does not establish the price for any of the radios sold and they may vary from vendor to vendor. The City does not warrant, service, maintain, or provide any support for the radios you purchase. You must contact the vendor who sold you the radio for any future maintenance of service.

Airwave Communications – Palm Desert
75450 Gerald Ford Dr, Suite 310
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 702-7852

Any vendor who wishes to be listed here should contact the City’s Emergency Services Coordinator (ESC) by emailing esc@ranchomirageca.gov. Any questions regarding programming should be directed to the ESC.

Radio Requirements:  An analog radio capable of operating in the UHF range, refer to FCC license WQJF526 for details.

Use of the Radio and Radio Etiquette

The following are important points, tips, and guidelines for the proper use of the radio. Please be familiar with them when using the radio.

  1. Hold the radio vertically directly in front of your mouth about 6 inches away. Speak clearly and confidently, but do not yell. Do not mumble or whisper.
  2. Keep your transmissions brief and to the point. Other people may need to speak and time is of the essence.
  3. Only transmit when the other person is finished. Any attempt to interrupt or “jump in” will only cause interference noise for everyone else listening.
  4. When prepared to speak, hold the transmit button for a brief moment (0.5 sec to 1.0 sec) before you actually speak. The transmission needs a moment to relay through the repeater and un-mute all the listening radios. Speaking too quickly may result in some people not hearing the very beginning of your message.
  5. If other people are having difficulty hearing you, or you hearing others, move to a different location nearby. Being outside will always yield a better signal than being indoors. The radio repeater is located on Indio Hill, to the East of Rancho Mirage, which provides excellent signal coverage throughout Rancho Mirage, and most of the Coachella Valley.
  6. When first turning on the radio, listen for existing radio traffic before you attempt to transmit. Avoid interrupting an active conversation.

If you have any questions about the radio drill, please direct them to the Emergency Services Coordinator by emailing esc@ranchomirageca.gov.

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