Housing Commission

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Welcome to the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission webpage!

The Commission is made up of seven members, and is the appointed body which makes recommendations to The Housing Authority Board of Directors on all items related to the development and retention of affordable housing units. (Municipal Code 2.80, Ord. Nos.: 612; 617; 649; 697, per City Ordinance No. 980, one tenant must be a bona fide primary resident of one of the senior affordable residential projects owned by or received financial assistance from the Housing Authority).


  • Mary Bundy

  • Jennifer Candi

  • Leigh Genesen

  • Isiah Harris

  • Darrell Mulvihill

  • Scott Newton

  • Vacant

Staff Liaison

Marcus Aleman, Housing Manager

Meeting Schedule

Quarterly on the first Wednesday of February, May, August and November.

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