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Welcome to the Rancho Mirage Administrative Services Department webpage!


Kofi Antobam

Director of Administrative Services
(760) 324-4511

The Administrative Services Department supports the planning and management of the City’s fiscal affairs and provides internal administrative services to all City departments. The Administrative Services Department is comprised of four divisions: Administration, Human Resources, and Finance division.

Emergency Services


Jacob De La Cruz

Financial Analyst
(760) 324-4511, Ext 226

The Administrative Services Department is also responsible for Emergency Services and acts as the liaison between the City and the Sheriff’s Department and CalFire/Riverside County Fire Department.

Should you have any questions regarding Emergency Services, please contact Jacob De La Cruz, Financial Analyst at (760) 324-4511, Ext. 226 or via email at jacobd@ranchomirageca.gov.

Nonprofit Funding

Contract Services

Gloria Griego
Senior Management Analyst
(760) 324-4511

The overall objectives of the City of Rancho Mirage special assistance funding program are:

  • Protection and improvement of the living environment for the residents of Rancho Mirage;
  • Assistance to low and moderate-income households and special population groups such as the elderly, in meeting basic needs; and,
  • Enabling residents to increase or improve his/her capacity to deal with problems over the long-term without continuing public assistance.
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