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City Mission Statement

The City Staff utilizes public funds in a transparent and responsible manner, and as directed by the City Council, to provide Rancho Mirage residents fundamental services such as police and fire protection, clean drinking water, trash and waste water disposal, recycling services, planning, design and maintenance of City infrastructure and land use, and enforcement of the City’s standards which facilitates a quality of life within the community, maintains order in a civilized society, and retains good residents.

Additionally, they are uniquely tasked to use this funding, as directed by the City Council, to provide quality educational and cultural experiences for residents of Rancho Mirage and the greater Coachella Valley specifically to elevate the quality of life to attract visitors and residents.

Values: Responsible Use of Public Resources, Responsive to City Council initiatives, Adherence to Federal, State, and Local Regulations applicable to City government, and Support, Engage In, and Promote Cultural, Historical, Educational, and Charitable Events

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