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Police FAQS

Where is the Rancho Mirage Sheriff's Department?

The Station is located at:
Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station
73-705 Gerald Ford Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211
Telephone (760) 836-1600
To Report a Crime (760) 836-3215

What are the office hours of the Sheriff's Department?
The Sheriff’s Station lobby is open from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday – Friday, except holidays.
How do I obtain a copy of a crime/accident report?
You must be a party to the incident, the parent of an involved minor party, the attorney of record for an involved party, or the insurance agent of an involved party to be eligible to receive a copy of the report. You must come into the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station lobby and provide valid identification to verify the above listed requirements. The cost of a police report is $13.00 and exact change will expedite the processing of your request.
How long before a police report is available?
It generally takes 7-10 days before a report is completed and placed in the station files for distribution. This is due to the internal report review, internal photocopying, and routine data input and filing processes. You should generally wait that time period before you call to obtain a report copy.
When can I get fingerprinted for job applications, permits, etc?
Fingerprinting is done by appointment only, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 9:00 A.M. to 10:40 A.M. Fees for fingerprinting vary and are based on the specific type of application. Call (760) 836-1600 to schedule an appointment.
What happens to someone when they get arrested?

Depending on the severity of the crime, the person will either be taken to jail or released on a promise to appear.

How do I get a traffic citation signed off by an officer?
Citations are signed off at the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station at 73-705 Gerald Ford Drive. between the hours of 2:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. No appointments are necessary. The cost for a citation to be signed off is $27.00. Exact change will expedite the processing of your request. We also provide Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification at our station for vehicles registered in California only.
My car was towed. What do I have to do to get it back?

The registered owner needs to respond to the Palm Desert Sheriff’s Station to obtain a vehicle release. If the registered owner does not have a valid driver’s license, they must bring someone with them who does. Before the vehicle can be released, everything must be current with the Department of Motor Vehicles. A Vehicle Impound Cost Recovery (VICR) fee in the amount of $145.00 must be paid to the police department in cash, money order, or cashier’s check. The VICR fee is in addition to the fee charged at the tow yard. You will need to contact the tow yard to find out what their fees are for your vehicle.

If all requirements are met, you will be issued a release form by the Sheriff’s Station. Take the form to the tow yard, pay their fees and your vehicle will be released to you. Vehicle releases are processed anytime the Sheriff’s Station lobby is open. We can only accept the exact amount of $145.00 in cash, money orders or cashier’s checks after 5:00 P.M. The money order or cashier’s check must be made out to the “Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.” We recommend you bring in the exact amount of the VICR fees to expedite the release of your vehicle.

Who do I speak with regarding a parking ticket or traffic ticket that I received?
  • Parking Citations
    If you receive a parking citation and wish to contest the validity or merit of the ticket, you may call (800) 989-2058 to receive instructions on how to request a review. This process allows the citation to be reviewed at an administrative level by a designated city staff member. If you are not satisfied with the results of the review, then the appeal process allows for the citation to be reviewed by a civilian arbitrator. It is important to realize that the parking tickets are deemed “administrative” by the courts and are handled through the City of Rancho Mirage and its representatives.
  • Moving Violations
    Questions regarding the validity or merit of moving violations, such as speeding, stop signs or signal lights, are handled by the Indio Traffic Court located at 46-200 Oasis Street Indio, California 92201. We cannot directly dismiss these citations, as they are handled through the court process.
Where can I pay for a "Notice of Illegal" parking citation?
If you were issued a city citation, you should call (800) 989-2058 for further information. On the bottom of the “Notice of Illegal Parking” citation you will find detailed instructions on how to pay for the citation. The city contracts with a vendor to handle the collection of fees and does not accept fees at city hall. To pay for a “Notice of Illegal Parking” citation, payment may be made by mail and no further action is required. Enclose a check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to: City of Rancho Mirage Citation Processing Center P.O. Box 10479 Newport Beach, CA 92658-0479. Please do not forget to affix proper postage to the envelope, so it will be delivered.
Does Rancho Mirage have a curfew for juveniles?
Rancho Mirage Municipal Code Section 9.25.010 Children out at night—Restrictions. “No person under eighteen years of age shall be, remain, loiter or wander on or about the public streets, sidewalks, alleys or public parks or in shopping centers, malls, sidewalks and parking lots…within the city between the hours of ten P.M. and six A.M…”; with some exceptions. The exceptions include when the person is accompanied by an adult; on an authorized errand or out during curfew hours while employed. However, remember, if a deputy sheriff observes a person who appears to be under the age of eighteen years of age, he or she has the authority to detain that person to determine if they are in violation of the curfew laws.
How do I Recover Found/Held Property?
The Rancho Mirage Sheriff’s Station coordinates the release of property in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Office and our Investigation’s Section. The Department releases property by appointment only. Hours for release are Monday – Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. The Evidence-Property Officer may be contacted at (760) 836-1681 to schedule an appointment.

While a case is in the process of being adjudicated, all property associated with the case is normally held as evidence. Once the trial proceedings have been completed, the property is released to the rightful owner. There are instances in which the property held is not claimed, or the rightful owner is not known. In these situations, the property is then released and prepared for auction. Additionally, found property that is held for 90 days and not claimed, is also released and prepared for auction. Only those items that can be legally released are available for auction.