Enrollment- Rancho Mirage Edible Food Recovery Program

Enrollment- Rancho Mirage Edible Food Recovery Program2023-09-25T09:43:04-07:00

Enrollment- Rancho Mirage Edible Food Recovery Program

If you selected NO, or if your facility will work with multiple agencies you must attach the signed contract/agreement(s) for each local food recovery agency your facility is working with to enroll.

Edible Food Recovery Pledge

The above named facility is committed to reducing food waste and ensuring that surplus edible food from our facility is used for its best and highest purpose. We recognize the importance of minimizing food waste to support our community, reduce environmental impact, and promote food security. As such, we pledge to the following principles:
1. Food Recovery Commitment:
We pledge to actively identify and recover surplus edible food from our facility, including prepared dishes, raw ingredients, and other food products, with the intention of preventing it from going to waste.
2. Quality Assurance:
We commit to ensuring that all donated food is safe for consumption and meets the highest food safety standards. Our team will diligently inspect, handle, and package recovered food items to maintain their quality and safety.
3. Collaboration with Food Recovery Organizations:
We will collaborate with local food recovery organizations, food banks, shelters, and or community groups to facilitate the distribution of surplus food to those in need. We recognize the importance of working together to maximize the impact of our food donations. If requested, we will immediately furnish copies of all contract/agreements with all food recovery agencies we work with to the City.
4. Record Keeping and Reporting:
We will maintain accurate records of our food recovery efforts, including any agreements/contracts, types and quantities of food donated, schedules for food recovery deliveries or collections and provide regular reports to track our progress in reducing food waste and supporting the community.
5. Staff Training and Awareness:
We will educate our staff on the importance of food recovery, safe food handling practices, and the benefits of reducing food waste. Our team will be encouraged to actively participate in the food recovery process.
6. Continuous Improvement:
We commit to regularly review and improve our food recovery practices, identifying opportunities to minimize food waste within our operations and enhance our contributions to the community.
7. Public Awareness:
We will promote our food recovery efforts to raise awareness within our community and inspire other businesses to join us in this important mission.
By taking this Edible Food Recovery Pledge, our facility aims to make a meaningful contribution to reducing food waste, alleviating hunger, and fostering a more sustainable and compassionate community.

By signing this enrollment and pledge, I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the forgoing is true and correct, that I have full authority to do so on behalf of the above named facility and agree to indemnify, defend, and hold City harmless from any claims and/or liability related in any way to participation in the program.
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