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Short-Term Rental Complaint Hotline

All Short-Term Rentals are bound by specific laws while the property is being rented. The following are the easiest to recognize and should be reported by calling the short-term rental hotline (760-833-7999) immediately:

  • Any kind of music or use of any amplified equipment at any time. This includes music during the day, night, weekdays, weekends, and holidays. There is no exception under any circumstance.
  • Too many vehicles, the number of vehicles should never exceed the number of bedrooms.
  • Loud or disruptive behavior or unreasonable noise caused by the occupants.
  • Occupants on the roof.
  • Trash and refuse except during regular collection days and times.

Short-Term Rental Complaint Hotline

What happens when I call the hotline?

  1. The hotline operator will ask for the address and nature of the complaint.
    1. You may provide your contact information should a Code Compliance Officer have any follow up questions. Your information is protected and not released to the public.
  2. The complaint is forwarded to the on-duty Code Compliance Officer for investigation.
  3. The Code Compliance Officer will attempt to confirm the violation in person and collect evidence of the violation.
  4. The Code Compliance Officer will call the local contact person on file for the property and direct them to respond in-person to the property within 45 minutes.
  5. The Code Compliance Officer and/or local contact person will contact the occupants and direct them to remedy and/or discontinue the violations.
  6. The Code Compliance Officer will issue a citation for any observed violations.
  7. The Code Compliance Division will follow up to determine if a Short-Term Rental is subject to certificate suspension or revocation.

Short-Term Rental Complaint Hotline

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