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City Services for Residents

The City of Rancho Mirage offers a variety of city services. Below is a list of the most commonly requested services.

For more information, please contact Rancho Mirage City Hall

Call (760) 324-4511

Applications / Forms

Building Permits and Inspections

We oversee all phases of new building construction, including a variety of inspections, historical permits and an planing archive of over 1 million construction documents.

Code Compliance/Animal Services

The Code Compliance/Animal Services division investigate municipal code violations and administer the Graffiti Abatement, Parking Citation, and Massage Facility programs.

Rancho Mirage Energy Authority

Rancho Mirage Energy Authority supplies power to homes and businesses with an opportunity to opt up to 100% renewable energy. Our partner, Southern California Edison, continues to do the billing, maintains the power lines, and handles all new service requests and emergencies.

Solar Permit


At the heart of the California desert, Rancho Mirage stands as a shining example of a city dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Explore the initiatives that underscore the City of Rancho Mirage's multi-faceted commitment to sustainability and green living, making it a model for other communities striving to create a more environmentally conscious future. Join us on this journey towards a greener tomorrow!