Welcome to the City of Rancho Mirage's new municipal website!


At the heart of the California desert, Rancho Mirage stands as a shining example of a city dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Explore the initiatives that underscore the City of Rancho Mirage's multi-faceted commitment to sustainability and green living, making it a model for other communities striving to create a more environmentally conscious future. Join us on this journey towards a greener tomorrow!

Sustainability Highlights
Solar-Powered City Buildings

Our major city structures, including City Hall, the Library & Observatory and the Public Work's Yard harness the power of the sun. Equipped with solar panels, these buildings not only reduce the carbon footprint of municipal operations but also stand as visible symbols of Rancho Mirage's commitment to renewable energy. 

Providing Energy

In 2018, The City of Rancho Mirage began operating the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority (RMEA). RMEA procures and supplies power to homes and businesses with an opportunity to opt up to 100% renewable energy. Our partner, Southern California Edison, continues to do the billing, maintenance and service requests.

RMEA is dedicated to providing reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective power choices, educational outreach and providing programs that empower residents to contribute to Rancho Mirage's commitment to a greener future.

All city meters to include City Hall and the Rancho Mirage Library & Observatory proudly operate on 100% renewable energy.

Water Conservation

Rancho Mirage Turf Rebate Program – received the 2023 California Contract Cities Association John Todd Award for its innovative and proactive approach to water conservation during a time of emergency drought. It serves as an inspiration to other communities to take action on environmental sustainability and demonstrates the potential for effective collaboration and community-based environmental stewardship.

The Turf Rebate Program was approved by the City Council on July 7, 2022, in response to the State’s drought emergency, with an initial budget of $500,000, its popularity soared, prompting the City Council's approval of additional funds amounting to $3,750,000. This program resulted in over 1.7 million square feet of living turf removed, the equivalent of close to 30 football fields and an annual water savings of over 100,000,000 gallons.

Programs such as this and advocacy for water-efficient irrigation, watering and landscaping practices further showcase our dedication to water conservation.

Green Building Standards

In our infrastructure projects, Rancho Mirage upholds green building standards. Utilizing energy-efficient designs, environmentally friendly materials and required recycling of materials to ensures that new developments align with sustainability goals, contributing to a more resilient and eco-friendly urban landscape.

Expanded Bike Paths

Rancho Mirage has been pedaling towards a sustainable future... In 2019, Rancho Mirage expanded the bicycle network and added safety enhancements to include vibrantly colored stripping at intersections throughout the city and buffer lanes on Bob Hope. Our city now offers over 40 miles of striped bike lanes, promoting eco-friendly commuting options and a healthier lifestyle.
Recycled Tires for Road Resealing

Driving towards a greener horizon, the city demonstrates environmental stewardship by resealing roads using rubberized emulsion aggregate slurry, or in other terms an asphalt-like slurry that is infused with rubber shavings from recycled tires. This not only enhances road durability but also diverts tires from the landfill, aligning with our dedication to sustainable practices.

Synchronized Streetlights

We brightened our streets and reduced carbon emissions by synchronizing streetlights along the Highway 111 corridor, Bob Hope Drive, Monterey Avenue, Country Club Drive and Dinah Shore Drive.

This innovation enhances traffic efficiency, reduces fuel-consumption and contributing to a greener urban environment and a smoother city flow.

Community Education and Engagement

Discover the power of community at Rancho Mirage. Engage in our programs focusing on power conservation, recycling, and sustainable practices. By fostering a community-wide commitment to eco-conscious living, we empower our citizens to contribute collectively to a greener and more sustainable future.